Tenant Insurance

"We care about your stored belongings as much as you do."

SBOA-Tenant Insurance (SBOA-TI) is a company that was created by self storage owners for tenants with the goal to provide a great product and service to their customers . SBOA-TI is a simple solution to assure your stored belongings are protected from the unexpected, giving you more peace of mind, at a very nominal fee. Call us today to find out more information about the SBOA-Tenant insurance program.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do NOT cover losses of your belongings when they are stored at a self storage facility. You should check your own policy. Additionally, self storage facilities are not able to provide coverage for items stored on site. It is your responsibility to insure your items from any loss.

SBOA Tenant Insurance protects you from most natural disasters and from loss. These include burglary, smoke, tornados, hurricanes, explosions, fire, lightning, vehicles, snow, wind and collapse of the building. Similar to other insurance carriers, SBOA Tenant Insurance is not able to provide coverage for flood or mold losses. You should read your policy carefully. Most importantly our program does not have a deductible. So if you have a covered claim your payment starts right at your first dollar of loss.

This facility takes every precaution against damage or loss but cannot control Mother Nature or other potential disasters. SBOA Tenant Insurance is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your belongings from the unknown.


Is flooding covered through SBOA-TI?
Similar to homeowners and renters insurance policies, damages from rising waters or floods is not covered. Specific flood insurance can be obtained with a separate policy through your Home Owners Insurance company.

What is the difference between burglary and theft?
Burglary is when there are visible signs of forced entry, such as, a cut lock or hasp. Theft does not require forcible entry. Theft is not covered by the SBOATI.

When does my coverage start?
Your coverage will start when you have completed and signed the addendum and paid your first month’s premium.

When does my coverage stop?
This is a pay-with-rent program and is renewed each month when your monthly rent and premium is paid. If and when you terminate your lease and move out of your unit, the coverage will end at that time. Coverage also stops when you cease paying your insurance premium.

If I store my motorcycle/vehicle is it covered?
SBOATI does not cover vehicle storage. even if your motorcycle is in an enclosed space with your other items, it will not be covered in the event of an unexpected incident.


Please call or stop in if you are interested in more information.

* This self-storage facility is licensed as a limited lines self-service storage producer to sell this product, however, its employees are not qualified nor authorized to discuss the adequacy of the renter's existing insurance coverage.

* This SBOA-TI program is offered by Cornerstone Insurance Producers, LLC.