Climate Controlled Storage Units in Landrum, SC 29356

Placing your belongings in self storage can be stressful when you’re storing sensitive items. You certainly don’t want your valuable belongings to be lost to damages caused by unstable temperatures and too much humidity in your storage unit. That’s why having a climate controlled storage unit to store your belongings nearby is a valuable asset to you if you want to keep your items in good condition. If climate control is what you’re looking for, Keystone Self Storage is the best storage facility for you!

Climate & Humidity controlled units are ideal for storing a variety of items that that are sensitive to warping, rust, mold, mildew, or fading. Vintage record collections, clothing, photographs, and artwork are all best stored in an atmosphere where temperature and humidity can be controlled. Additionally, our climate and humidity controlled units are ideal for wine storage, so if you’re looking for a solution for storing your priceless wine collection, we can provide a convenient and affordable option for you. We strongly suggest our customers realize that storing in a climate controlled unit 'without' a dehumidifier system does not eliminate the potential damaging effect of moisture which may causes mold and mildew.   We’re always eager to answer questions about this sought-after storage amenity. We’d love to help you reserve your climate and humidity controlled unit today.